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We’ve always been tempted by growth-spurring lash serums (who doesn’t want a longer, fuller fringe?), but wary of their potential irritation. Not so with this gentle-yet-effective botanical formula, which is clinically proven to help curl, darken, and grow lashes by up to 2.5 mm in just one month. An updated version of the bestselling Lipocils formula—which has been French women’s best kept secret for over 60 years—it features a double-sided applicator that’s truly goofproof. Finally, there’s no need to go to great lengths to get ooh-la-la lashes.

How it Works

Mainstream lash serums derive their power from chemicals, which can cause everything from redness to side effects like darkening the skin on your lids or even your irises. But Lipocils Expert is different. It’s only made with botanical ingredients that have been tested to meet meticulous French safety standards. Nettle and horse chestnut stimulate growth and boost circulation to your capillaries, while soy lecithin and apple extract condition your lashes. Independent lab trials show that the serum lengthens lashes by up to 36 percent while curling and darkening them by up to 50 percent.

How to Use

At night and in the morning, use the sponge part of the applicator to apply the serum to your lashline at the root of your lashes. Next, use the mascara wand part of the applicator to coat your lashes to the tips. Admire your growing lashes, and practice your best wink.

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noticeable lash growth

This product is worth the price. My eyelashes and brows had thinned out a little due to the trauma my body went through after a major surgery. I'm only 30 so I was very traumatized by this. I ordered this product and began using it on both. I use it twice a day and have noticed growth in my top and bottom lashes and my brows have filled in a little and are darker. My eyelids tend to tingle a little after application but it doesn't happen every time and it only lasts a few seconds.

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So upsetting!!

I received this in my mystery sample pack and it was empty!!!! And there was no applicator, just a sponge!! So sad :(

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Give it time

This product works very well. I particularly like the applicator. I have used products in the past that just have a small brush on the end like a liquid eyeliner, so you can't coat your lashes OR just has the brush at the end so you can't get to your last line. Talika ingeniously has BOTH! I have been using this product for about a month now, and I can starting to see results. I feel like my lashes seem stronger and longer. I haven't noticed any difference in curl or shade, but I think for overall healthier lashes it's working great. It is also very good to use under mascara, which is hard to find. Other products tend to cause your mascara to clump up or flake off. The only critique I will say is that when I first opened the product, the tip of the applicator was slightly blackish-gray, almost as if someone with eyeliner on had used the product before I did. I have no idea if that's the case, or if it's just the color the applicator is supposed to be.

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It's gone

I received this in my mystery sample pack there was only a sponge applicator no mascara applicator and there was only a little teeny amount of a brown sticky substance on the sponge but nothing in the bottle would have loved to try too bad :(

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I got this sample in the mystery pack and there's no mascara app just sponge nothing like the picture and there's nothing in the tube it was empty :(

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Love my Eyeko, but it tore out my lashes

...SO, I purchased this to try to bulk up my lashes again and regrow and re-pigment them. This stuff is the BOMB. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks, and I can already tell my lashes are fuller, and a bit darker.

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Great product, awful applicator

I've used TALIKA in the past, but not the "Expert". I can't find the regular TALIKA anywhere so I figured I'd give the Expert version a go. The product itself is great. I really do notice a difference in both existing lashes and new growth, but you have to be patient and give it time. Like taking vitamins for your hair, you're not going to see overnight results. 4 - 6 weeks minimum. Also, you need to get the product along your lash line and kind of massage it in. Don't just depend on brushing it onto your lashes.

Here's what I love: gentle formula (I'm a contact wearer) that doesn't irritate; the product works for me (not only do I see new growth, but a noticeable reduction in the amount of lashes I lose over the course of a month); works great under mascara - just be sure to let it dry before you start your makeup routine.

Here's what I loathe: the applicator tip at the end of the brush. I get the point of it (you have to get the product onto your lash line), but it makes it so hard to get into the inner corner of your lashes with the brush, and I feel like it takes up a lot of/wastes product in the tube. It seems like I go through a tube in 4 weeks when the smaller tube with just the brush (no applicator tip) lasted me 6 -7 weeks.

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THINK it's working

I'm not sure if it's a combination of this product and supplements, but this serum seems to be working. Even though I only apply it in the morning, I'm seeing some lash regrowth (my lashes mysteriously fell out in one part of one lid). Try this with prenatal vitamins!

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Seems to work

I ordered this and have been using it for about 3 weeks now. I have noticed that my lashes have darkened and are longer. It is too soon to really say much more. So far so good. I will do another review in a few months.

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this did nothing for me

i used it as directed and used one full tube - and i didnt notice even the SLIGHTEST differnce. i will say that it made my mascara go on nice and smooth, but that's not what i was looking for. won't be buying it again.

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