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Schlepp your brewskies in arboreal splendor with the Meriwether of Montana Classic Six Pack Carrier.

Meriwether of Montana

Birchbox Breakdown

The mountain men of Montana have outdone themselves with this wall-mounted bottle opener. Not only does it look great, but it includes a handy cap catcher. That means when you’re popping your bottle, the cap doesn’t go flying off and roll under the couch and stay there until your cat finds it and eats it and has to go to the hospital. Nope. The cap goes right in the cap catcher.

How it Works

The hand-crafted wooden body is made with western red cedar and finished with boiled linseed oil. The opener—pure cast iron—has never met a cap it couldn’t handle.

How to Use

Hang it, pop some tops, and watch the bottle caps pile up.

western red cedar with a cast iron bottle opener and finished with boiled linseed oil

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