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Ditch your crusty bottle of acetone and turn to Karma Organic Spa’s non-toxic Nail Polish Remover.

Karma Organic Spa

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The difference between a professional mani and an amateur paint job doesn’t just lie in a steady pair of hands. It all comes down to the right products, which is why we use this nourishing cuticle oil at home. Made with cruelty-free and vegan ingredients, the quick-absorbing formula heals dry, weak cuticles and promotes nail growth—so your newest lacquer shade can shine all the brighter on a smooth canvas.

How it Works

Thanks to its natural antifungal properties, tea tree oil keeps nails healthy and prevents infections. Together with other moisturizers, the formula rejuvenates damaged cuticles and stimulates circulation for stronger, smoother nails.

How to Use

Before you apply polish, brush a small amount of the oil over dry cuticles. Wait for the oil to absorb before you start with your manicure. Use as needed whenever your nails are looking less-than-ideal.

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I love this stuff! It always makes my nails and cuticles look so good and well maintained. It has a pleasant smell and absorbs fairly rapidly so your hands don't get oily.

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best cuticle oil around

I have used this cuticle oil every night before bed since purchasing it and I've noticed such a difference already. My cuticles used to be fairly dry, despite using other various products on a regular basis. I'm hoping to get another bottle soon, this is a true miracle worker for any one who has dry or cracked cuticles or skin.

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Funky smell, nice results

I noticed immediately that this stuff smells less than pleasant. However, my nails were happy and healthy after I used them- I hope regular use will help strengthen them since I get issues with flaking and tearing once my nails get long.

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