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Once you master the art of the gel mani, swap out your color for any one of Lomasi’s Color Gels.


Birchbox Breakdown

We’re not going to tell you to cheat on your manicurist with this easy at-home gel kit. Let’s just say we’ll present you with the facts (just the facts, ma’am), and you can decide for yourself if a salon visit is truly called for. The kit is packed with everything you need to score a proquality gel look at home—right down to a perfectly sized piece of aluminum foil. Still wary of entering DIY land? Pop in the easy DVD tutorial, also included, for a complete walkthrough

How it Works

The kit includes one Color Gel, the neutral Sincerity, so consider it your gateway shade. Next, you’ll get four supporting actors: Just For Tips, Base Gel, Top Gel, and Rose Cuticle Oil. Also included is a bevy of tools: a nail file, nail buffer, two orangewood sticks for taming cuticles, a plastic polish remover stick, and a roll of stretch tape. On the liquid side of things, there’s the Lomasi Cleanser and the Lomasi Remover. Not to be forgotten, you’ll receive cotton wipes, aluminum foil, and the curing light. If that sounds like a lot to master, don’t worry—included is a step-by-step booklet and DVD tutorial (great for a hands-free setup

How to Use

We suggest thoroughly reading the booklet or watching the DVD prior to tackling the kit, but we promise the four-step process is much easier than assembling any single piece of furniture from IKEA. Start the process with Just for Tips, basically a primer for your nails. Proceed with the Base Gel, followed by the Color Gel (the kit comes with Sincerity, but you can use any of Lomasi’s colors). Top it all off with the aptly named Top Gel. And if you mess up—no biggie: The targeted Lomasi Remover has your back.

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Great investment

I will admit that I am not great at painting my own nails so I always got them done professionally. I splurged on this in an effort to save money in the long run. This product is awesome. I have no issues with the polish peeling off, it lasts almost two weeks. The instructions are very easy to follow. It took me a bit of time at first, but no longer than it would have had I gotten them done at a salon. You can order several polish colors, which is great. I hesitated to buy this but am very glad that I did.

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Love gel nails

I was hesitant about getting a gel nail kit, but this kit is very easy to use. I love the color that came with it and it is not a long process. Will def be buying more nail polishes for this kit.

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I am really not thrilled with this product. I was SO excited to receive this but it did not live up to my expectations. I applied three different times (following the directions EXACTLY), hoping that each time would be better. Within a few days, the gel was cracking and peeling off just like regular nail polish.
I will be getting rid of mine and sticking to my Deborah Lipmann polish.

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So happy I bought it!

I had tried every thing on earth looking for a manicure that lasted more than 4 days, but hadn't found it. Then I got a gel manicure at a salon and it lasted almost 2 weeks. So I'm thinking obviously gel is the way to go for me. Then I saw this DIY set on Birchbox and decided to try it myself. It is great! My daughter comes over every couple of weeks for "nail time" with me and there is enough of all the products for both of us. They make it really easy to get set up for doing the manicure and taking it off too. It's time consuming, but lasts so long that I find I get tired of the color before I get my first chip. AND bonus - my nails don't break. I even went camping and came home with dirt under my nails, but no chips or breaks!
In addition I love the Lomasi products because they are free from formadehyde and toluene and Made In the USA! The only downside is Birchbox needs to carry more of the colors!

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