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To protect your mani investment, spring for a top coat that’s truly top-notch, like tenoverten 10/10 The Shield.


Birchbox Breakdown

Attached to your lacquer shade? There’s no reason for the two of you to part ways prematurely. Apply this nourishing base coat from tenoverten, and your mani will stick around for a whole lot longer. The five-free formula provides a strengthening and smoothing boost to nails, courtesy of horsetail grass. Not only that, but it grips onto polish and provides a sleek, even base for extralong wear. So you never have to say goodbye before you’re ready.

How it Works

This base coat looks pink in the bottle but goes on sheer, giving nails a glossy, freshly buffed appearance. We’re huge fans of wearing it alone on low-key days or between mani appointments. The nutrient-packed formula repairs soft or peeling nails, strengthens, and acts as a ridge filler while preventing your nail polish from cracking, all of which helps extend the life of your manicure. As a cruelty-free, five-free formula, it leaves out the following chemicals: dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor.

How to Use

Apply one coat to bare nails. Follow with two coats of your chosen polish, let dry completely, and finish with a top coat.

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great base coat!

This goes on basically clear so dont let the color fool you. I feel good about using it because its 5 free. My manicure lasted about a week and a few days when I used it. I will be buying to the top coat soon.

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