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Quirky PowerCurl Mini - Red

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Got outlets? The Quirky Pivot Power Mini expands to split one outlet into four.


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Birchbox Breakdown

As far as we’re concerned, power cords are a necessary evil. Keep your cables jumble-free with this handy holder, which secures everything in place until it's time to settle in and set up shop.

How it Works

This convenient wrangler has a hollow body that fits your phone’s power adaptor, a USB outlet, and a deep groove for keeping your cords tangle-free. The device is compact enough that it won’t take up extra space—and big enough so it won’t get lost in your bag.

How to Use

Slide the power adaptor into the hollow body, plug the USB end into the outlet, and wind your cords around until you reach the desired length. Plug the adapter into the wall or toss the whole thing in your bag without fear of cord disarray. Note: This cable keeper can also be used for your earbuds.


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wrong size

unfortunately neither of my iPod plug did not fit in this unit. I am using it for my Samsung phone instead.

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No tangles!

Very happy I purchased this. Keeps the cord neat and prevents tangles. The only change I would make is that the male end just sits in the casing without anything to really hold it in if the cord isn't wrapped.

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