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Looking for an equally streamlined solution to credit cards and cash? Check out Roosevelt Supply’s card case.

Roosevelt Supply

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  • 3.5" at the widest point, 3" at the tallest point   
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Birchbox Breakdown

In the quest for finding things in your pocket, spare change is often your mortal enemy. On the flip side, it seems like anytime you’re actually trying to pull out a couple coins, all you come up with are receipts and rogue paper clips. Solve both problems with this stylish snap pouch. Made from smooth leather and available in a variety of colors to suit your taste, this handy accessory will help you avoid being the guy holding up the line to fish out those last few pennies.

How it Works

The handsome pouch features a sturdy snap closure that keeps change in check, while the triangular design rests smoothly and securely at the base of your preferred pocket.

How to Use

Insert coins, snap shut, stow away. Take out when needed. Marvel at the odd satisfaction that comes from always having exact change.


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Hip Hubby

My hubby is thrilled with his new pouch, so I got one for myself. It's stylish, constructed well, and keeps our loose change in order.

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Quit your jingling

Walk silently. This is very handy and the with this form factor, it tucks nice and deep into a pocket - especially so with more coins added. Remember those weird rubbery coin purse things your grandparent carried? This is not that.

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easy storage

like this product for its size and also helps not losing small items in a pocket, or bag. ie, pills and or coins

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Try it

This is one of the best products that you don't know you need or will use. It holds just the right amount of change and eliminates the bulge in the front pocket. The shape and size of this item is genius along with the tons of positive comments you will receive when using this pouch. It effectively organizes your change, gives quick access has a pocket slimming profile and is stylish. What more can the fashion forward man ask ? Buy it, I did, in red.

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