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Who doesn’t want a shorter morning routine? Even thick hair dries in significantly less time than it takes with weaker mass-market dryers. Plus we love the extra-long, nine-foot cord gives us free range.


Birchbox Breakdown

Sometimes air-drying doesn't cut it. This professional-grade tool has major power, despite its compact size, and cuts drying time in half. Throw some product in your hair and you're out the door.

How it Works

This compact dryer has enough horsepower (1,600 watts) to tame even the unruliest head of hair. Six heat/speed settings and two nozzle attachments ensure the right concentration of air while an ionizing option and a cool shot button keep things smooth.

How to Use

No need to air dry before you start styling. This blow dryer is powerful enough to safely handle even sopping wet hair. Simply apply your favorite styling products, grab your trusty brush, and get to work.

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My fine curly hair almost never stays straight with just a blow dry unless I'm in 0% humidity---but this hair dryer keeps it perfectly straight!! So much better than my drug store dryer. I think it's related to the heat more than the power...but whatever it's doing is working for me. Drying time is nice and quick too! I only wish there was a diffuser to go along with it for when I want a natural day.

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Best Blowdryer EVER

Just buy it. It was the most expensive blowdryer I've ever purchased, and also the best decision of my life. My hair dries SO.MUCH.FASTER than it did before, and with much less frizz/breakage.

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Might be a jaded opition

The hair dryer this one replaced was older than my children SOOOOOO I might have a bit of a jaded opinion of it. I LOVED it!!! My hair felt dried not fried it was so weird and lovely. I have always had a love hate relationship with blow drying my hair because of how it made my hair feel, but with this dryer my hair felt soft and well... dry (as in not wet). I like that I felt more power coming from the dryer and less heat. I can't say it took a momentous amount of time off the over all experience, but my hair definitely felt healthier, and softer than with my previous dry. Can't speak for those of you already using professional grade tools, but if your replacing your ancient $29.99 Remington hair dryer from Target than this is AWESOME!!!

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Love this hair dryer.

I have waist-length, thick hair. I usually just let my hair air-dry because it takes too long to blow dry. This does the trick. Worth the price.

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Totally Life Changing!

I have long, wavy hair that does NOT dry nicely naturally. But before the Sedu I had to both blow dry (20 minutes) and flat iron (10 minutes) if I wanted it to be smooth. And because it took so long I practically never did it and so always went around with an ugly ponytail. Then I got the Sedu. Blow drying now takes 8 minutes and my hair is so smooth I don't need to flat iron. So basically it cut my hair time in less than a third and so I can now look nice everyday. So literally, life altering. So why only four stars? Well, maybe it's me, but the buttons on this thing are in a terrible place and I turn the blowdryer off by accident at least 2 or 3 times every time I use it. So that's annoying. And it's also heavy. I think I'm getting nicer deltoids, but my arm is tired at the end. So one star off for heavy and bad buttons. But honestly you couldn't make me return it because it's a fantastic blow dryer and it works wonders. Absolutely recommended.

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Take it from a Professional!

I was a little skeptical about the reviews for Sedu 6000i Blow Dryer, I haven't seen so many positive reviews for a blow dryer. I am a complete believer in the powers of Sedu! This is the best blow dryer I have ever purchased in eight years as a hair stylist and thirty years of life! Very speedy and powerful, great heat, and I love the two different nozzles. The only complaint I have are the setting switches are in a bad place. I hit the off switch several time while air forming and it doesn't include a diffuser. Not enough for me to try any other blow dryer! I am a Sedu stylist from here on out!

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Life changing

Before I bought this, I thought it was crazy to spend over $150 for a blow dryer when I could buy one at the drug store for $15. After I bought this hair dryer, I realized it was worth every penny. My hair looks so much better, is healthier, and takes a fraction of the time the blow dry. I hate when I do not bring it with me on vacation and have to slum it with a cheapo dryer!

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This sucker has some power!

I have only used it once, but it was impressive. The power was better than any other dryers I have used in the past. However, my favorite feature was that once the cold shot button was pushed, it stayed down until you pressed it again. I have arthritis and my hands always cramped up with my old dryer when I used the cold button. Now, that problem has been solved. Thank you Sedu!

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Truly professional results

I have been using T3 dryers since they were introduced, but after going through my 3rd dryer I am sick of their short shelf life. I decided to try something new and I am really pleased with this choice. I could tell right away that the Sedu dryer was drying my hair 2-3 times faster than the T3 - and with less heat. The result is also much more smooth, silky and volumized. I only have 2 issues. Firstly, the part which holds the air filter is very delicate/difficult. Second it is much heavier than the T3. Still, I am enjoying it much more than all my T3s from the past.

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Compact, but with power!

This is my first high-end blow dryer, and I love it. It's surprisingly small and compact, but it still has a lot of power to it. Heats up quickly and does a wonderful job of drying hair and keeping the static down. My hair looked so sleek and professionally done after a blow out with this dryer! I love the small size and how light weight it is. The weight is also well-balanced, which makes it great when you're holding the dryer for long periods of time. My arms didn't get tired at all! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a personal dryer.

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