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Sprinkle liberally onto fresh summer tomatoes tossed with fruity olive oil—c’est vraiment magique!

Sel Magique

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Few companies have the audacity to make their names on the basis of one product alone, but that's just what Sel Magique has done. Their signature handmade blend of fleur de sel de Guerande and herbes de Provence—based on a traditional Breton recipe—has become an established fixture in gourmet kitchens both professional and amateur, and a taste of the flavorful pairing makes it easy to see why. The game-changer works equally well as a finishing salt as it does as base for a wide variety of dishes, bringing out natural flavors and adding the harmonious taste of fine herbs for that little something extra.

How it Works

Fleur de sel de Guerande establishes an even, mineral-rich saltiness with added flavor from the subtle herbal mixture of herbes de Provence.

How to Use

Add early on to dishes as you’re cooking, or sprinkle over finished plates to enhance the food's own flavors.

Fleur de Sel de Grérande scented with Herbes de Provence (100% naturally grown herbs from the provence region of France), Including Savory, Thyme, Marjoram, and Lavender

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try this!

I knew I had a great product when I open the jar just to smell it. I use it on everything from eggs to burgers. the jar is huge to boot, a great value.

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