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For a daily way to fight blemishes (and signs of aging), wash your face and body with Shea Terra’s Organics Authentic African Black Soap.

Shea Terra Organics

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Sometimes it feels like we’ve tried everything under the sun to combat our stubborn acne. Ditch the harsh chemicals and battle breakouts in a whole new—and 100 percent natural—way. This spot-treatment mask contains five time-tested African healing ingredients to soothe and clear your complexion without the side effects of conventional acne products. Naturally, we like the sound of that.

How it Works

Moroccan lava clay contains stevenite and magnesium silicate which purify and detoxify skin, clearing current blemishes and preventing future breakouts. Rose hips are high in vitamin C, which helps blemishes heal and minimizes scarring. Thyme fights bacteria to keep skin clear and smooth.

How to Use

Mix ¼ to ½ tsp. of powder with hot water to form a thick paste. Allow the paste to cool, and apply it over blemishes. Let the mask set for 30–60 minutes, and then rinse your face with warm water. For active blemishes, repeat twice daily for optimal results. To prevent breakouts, apply mask to entire face for 15 minutes, 1–2 times each week.

Moroccan Lava Clay (ghassool), thyme powder (thymus vulgaris), rose hips powder (rosa canina), powdered honey, aloe vera powder (aloe barbadensis)

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shocked at the negative review for this! I'm 21, and have always suffered from occassional pimples. Never any crazy acne but it seems my face always has one or two pimples....but not since using this stuff!

I use this mask all over my face about once a week, and I use it as a spot treatment overnight every time I get a pimple. The smell is pretty bad, but as it dries it gets less noticeable. It essentially smells like thyme. This reduces the size of my pimples and reduces the redness in a way that no other product has. It seriously gets rid of the small ones over night and has made the overall quality of my skin much better.

I would highly recommend this stuff for anyone with spots on there skin or even acne scaring as I've noticed an improvement with that! I also use shea terras black soap bar and liquid, as well as there moisturizers. Such a great organic brand!

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Wasn't Bad

I was excited to try the product since I suffer from acne. I didn't use it as a mask yet, just on my acne spots. I know different products work for different people, but I liked it for a spot reduction acne treatment. The only downside was the smell. I didn't think it was a pleasant smell, but to each his own.

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Not impressed

I was super hopeful to try this mask...I've been suffering from adult acne for years and was hoping that I would find a natural product to finally put a end to it but this isn't it. I've used it several times without any success. On to the next one.

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