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Banish puffiness and revitalize tired eyes with My Prime’s Weightless Eye Cream.

My Prime™

Birchbox Breakdown

Just ask Zooey Deschanel—sometimes the new girl quickly wins everyone over. This extra-emollient moisturizer is an overnight sensation worthy of sky-high ratings. Packed with antioxidants, fatty omega acids, and skin-tone-improving algae complexes, the easily absorbed formula counteracts the effects of aging while you sleep. But don’t take our word for it—the proof is in the numbers: independent clinical trials found radiant results in just six weeks of use.

How it Works

A combination of pure botanicals, including Vitamin A-loaded pili oil from the Philippines, nourishes skin with moisture while fighting free-radical damage, such as fine lines. A host of patented plant compounds spur collagen production to counteract the effects of aging.

How to Use

With your fingers, slather liberally over face and neck before bed. Allow to fully absorb before hitting the pillow.

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