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For a deeper clean, try the Honey Love Face Scrub.

Wild Honey Apothecary

Birchbox Breakdown

We usually opt for savory over sugary, but this handmade all-natural cleanser from Wild Honey Apothecary has got us hankering for something sweet. Filled with ingredients like raw honey and cocoa absolute, the formula penetrates deeply to unclog pores and remove makeup, oil, and dirt, and still provides our face with much-needed moisture.

How it Works

Natural alpha hydroxy properties found in buttermilk, honey, and blueberry tincture rejuvenate and brighten skin, while aloe, hemp seed oil, cocoa absolute, and yling ylang soften. Carrot seed extra and honey provide essential vitamins and antioxidants.

How to Use

Massage one to two pumps of the cleanser into damp skin. (Note: A little goes a long way.) The cleanser will not get particularly sudsy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. For day and night use.

organic castile soap, pure aloe, organic hemp seed oil, organic buttermilk, raw organic honey, ylang ylang hydrosol, blueberry tincture, wild harvested frankincense, cocoa absolute, carrot seed extract.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

very cleansing

I really like this cleanser. My face feels really nice after I use it, although I really do need a moisturizer afterwards. The castile soap makes you feel a bit "squeaky" and there is absolutely no honey scent at all (which disappointed me but may be good for you), in fact there's really not a discernible scent, just "soap." But, it lathers so nicely, and I love using it in-between my exfoliating days.

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Great Product, But Disappointed By Packaging

I was pretty excited to receive this product, as I try to stick to cleansers that are made of natural ingredients. The product itself is great, I have used it a few times so far and my face has felt smoother, if not, happier. I have combination skin, and I feel like it has helped both the oiliness, and the dryness I tend to experience with my skin. Unfortunately, the packaging is pretty disappointing. I had to do some light traveling over the weekend, and in between destinations, the screw-top kept getting loose somehow and I have ended up loosing half of the product in a matter of owning it for 4 days. I am at a point now where I cannot decided if I should just deal with it, or go through the hassle of returning/exchanging the product.

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Very drying

I was excited to try this because the ingredient list looks good/safe. I wanted to love it, but this dried my skin out like crazy! Smells good, but too harsh. Sort of bummed I spent $24 on it, but I guess it will make a good makeup brush cleaner...

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Pleasant smell, gental

I have very sensitive but prone to get oily skin. Many cleansers leave it feeling dry and itchy- but then i get all oily later in the day.
This is a great product for me- no lavender smell- which is in so many natural products but tends to aggravate my skin. Cleans well but doesn't over dry and has a pleasant smell and the packaging is cute. Been using for a week with out issue. Will buy again.

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