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If you have combination or dry skin, try layering the Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster underneath One Love Organics' Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm.

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Some cleansing cloths are like fair weather friends—they treat our skin kindly one day, then leave it feeling dry and betrayed the next. Not so with these dirt-trapping microfiber cloths, which meet dermatologists’ standards for gentle effectiveness. Designed to be used with One Love Organics®’s multitasking Waterless Beauty Balm, they give your skin the daily deep cleanse it craves while cutting down on the amount of product you need. This comes with one soft shammy cloth—it's good for up to 200 washes. Your skin just found its new BFF.

How it Works

Get ready for a mini-lesson in fabric design: traditional cotton washcloths are made with rounded fibers, which do nothing more than plough dirt across the surface of your skin. But these unique microfiber cloths are made with wedge-shaped fibers, which actually pull bacteria, product residue, and oily gunk away from your skin and absorb all those yucky particles. Better yet, the soft fabric will never strip or irritate your skin—no matter how sensitive it is.

How to Use

Pour or scoop out a small amount of cleanser onto the cloth. Wet your face, and use the cloth to massage your skin in circular motions.

100% Dermalogical Grade Microfiber - 70% polyamide, 30% polyurethane

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facial cleansing shammy

I went out on a whim and decided to order the One Love Organics Face Shammy and I liked it so much, I just ordered another one! I like the shammy because it really removes make up and oil that I've accumulated through out the day. I use one pump of face wash and use the Shammy to cleanse my face and it leave my face squeaky clean. However if you use the shammy under your eyes, I've found that mascara and eye liner stains the shammy.

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Don't buy!!

So I was looking for a microfiber cloth because they are great for exfoliating and getting the face sqeaky clean. This one DOES NOT cut it. Just mushed the face wash around and did not absorb anything. My face was still soapy after using it. I will be going to an auto store and buying a real microfiber cloth. And yes the auto ones do work super great and are made from the same thing as the ones sold for cosmetic use. I have always loved my Birch buys. Not this one :(

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