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Top off your stay-all-day shadow with sculpted brows, using Smashbox Cosmetics Brow Tech To Go.

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Birchbox Breakdown

If we can keep going strong through our busy schedules, from early morning coffee to late-night cocktails, you’d think our eye shadow could do the same—yet by mid-afternoon (if we’re lucky) it’s smudged, creased, or gone altogether. This primer keeps shadow picture-perfectly in place for a full day. After all, you never know when the perfect moment for a selfie will present itself.

How it Works

This primer has proven itself under both the bright lights of the photo studio and the wear-and-tear of everyday life. With its help, shadow stays put for 24 hours. It resists sweat, heat, and humidity to prevent color from creasing, smearing, or disappearing.

How to Use

Smooth a thin layer onto clean lids with fingertips. After 30 seconds, brush on shadow in whatever look you please.

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I recently discovered this by recommendation of a sales associate at a big name store. She said that it truly does what it says and she would recommend it to drag queens..and girl you know they know their primers. I did a test in the store with one highly pigmented high quality shadow and three brands of primer. This lead the way with the awesome bold pop of the shadow (made it appear as it had in the pot). Then I did the smudge test oh baby did this one really shine here! I had to use make up remover to get the shadow off. I then took it home and did the ultimate test. I wore my shadow and primer all day and night. Yes, I wore my shadow to bed just to see how well this stuff works man let me tell you my absolute shock when I woke up to wash my face and my shadow was exactly were I had left it the MORNING before. I give this a 10 and will never use any less again!

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Really does what it says

This is my first shadow primer, ever. I don't know why I waited this long to try it. It's truly a huge difference maker as far as my shadow looking complete after a long time/sweating/life in general. Very satisfied.

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Makes your face so smooth

I really really liked this. It made my face so smooth. I also loved how you didn't need a ton of it on your face.

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This is the most amazing product that I have ever used. Truly a miracle. Nothing ever stays on my lids because they are capped and oily and even waterproof liquid eye liner disappears or smudges in a half an hour. This actually lasted a full 8 hours on me before creasing a little and even then the make up was still visible and nice! I know it is not 24 hours but with my eyes this is revolutionary. I am so excited to start wearing more eye make-up.

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