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For extra lift, tease dry hair with Spornette’s bestselling Little Wonder

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Birchbox Breakdown

The easiest way to make it look like you spent your morning in a stylist’s chair? A fantastic round brush. Our go-to heat-styling hero is Spornette’s Aerated Rounding Brush, a carefully crafted tool from a brand that’s been an industry favorite since the ’50s. Whether your blowout style involves curls, straightening, or creating waves, this blowout perfector helps you do it all.

How it Works

Bristles penetrate and hold hair without pulling or ripping for easy, effective heat styling. The aerated brush barrel holds and distributes heat evenly for faster drying time. This brush is ideal for all hair types and works best for mid-length to long hair.

How to Use

To straighten wavy or curly hair, position the round brush underneath the roots of your hair and brush toward the tips, following your brush with a blow dryer until hair is dry and smooth. To add volume to straight hair, start by wrapping a section of damp hair around the brush. Blowdry hair above and below the round brush for lift and body. If desired, spritz hair with hairspray for extra hold.

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