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Birchbox Breakdown

Remember that light-up umbrella that Deckard uses in Blade Runner? Well, we can’t help but think that he would have preferred this brolly instead. By day, it’s a super-tough, dark grey umbrella, but at night is when it really shines—quite literally, in fact. From backcountry roads to urban intersections, this eye-catching accessory will keep you safe, dry, and ever-visible.

How it Works

By day, this classic umbrella keeps a low-and-stylish profile. At night, the ultra-reflective hi-vis material lights up like a city skyline, ensuring that you get noticed and stay safe. The windproof, telescopic design means it will last through the toughest storms, then fold down for easy storage.

How to Use

Keep this essential in your desk or bag for those late-night emergencies, or anytime you need to make a rainy run for some noodles.

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