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Sugar Paper Reversable Wrap - Cheerful Red

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Birchbox Breakdown

It’s better to give than receive—and even better to give something that looks like it was wrapped by a pro. This holiday-hued wrapping paper is an easy way to dress up your presents. And because it’s reversible, you can switch up the pattern without having to splurge on more than one roll.

How it Works

Each roll comes with two extra-large sheets, measuring 24 in. x 36 in. The reversible paper has red and white stripes on one side and scattered polka dots on the other.

How to Use

Choose your favorite side and get wrapping.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Very cute and fun! But very thick!

I used this paper to wrap most of the Christmas gifts for my family this year, and I got a ton of compliments on it! But, you'll have to get some strong tape and really fold at the corners because this is some THICK paper! It won't stay if you don't use a really sticky tape.

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Fantastic quality and loved that it was reversible!

This paper was perfect for the gifts under our red and white retro-themed tree! I was pleased with the quality, and the reversible paper made it easy to create multiple looks with this paper, a roll of red ribbon, and a roll of white ribbon. The paper's thickness was great for obscuring the print on boxes, and it was very durable for gifts that were mailed. (no torn corners from gifts rubbing together during mailing!) The only downside was that the thickness of the paper made it challenging to use for small gifts (using a tool such as a ruler helped to fold the paper more easily). Once I got the hang of it, that wasn't as much of a problem, though, and I'd definitely buy this again!

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Beautiful paper

I bought this paper right before Christmas. It was super thick paper, and everyone who received a gift that I wrapped in it gave me a compliment. It really was beautiful paper and everyone felt bad unwrapping the present and wanted to save the paper scraps! The only downside was that it was a little tricky to wrap with such thick paper, otherwise, I loved it.

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