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Antonym Cosmetics has makeup-savvy frequent fliers covered with its 7-piece travel set.

Antonym Cosmetics

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The sheer number of makeup brush choices can be a little intimidating—but Antonym Cosmetics, the eco-friendly line from French-born makeup artist Valerie Giraud, has done the hard work for you. This set of essential eye brushes includes everything you absolutely need—and nothing you don’t—for perfect eye makeup every time.

How it Works

Each certified vegan set includes six essential eye tools made from sustainable bamboo and Taklon bristles: A large shader, a small shader, a blending brush, a large pencil brush, a small angled brush, and a brow brush. The brushes come tidily packaged in a faux leather pouch that’s easy to take with you or store neatly at home.

How to Use

Apply color evenly with the large and small shaders, use the pencil brush for precision shading, and create a seamless transition between colors with the blending brush . The angled brush can be used with powder or cream shadow to line the eye, while the brow brush tames unruly brows and doubles as a mascara wand.

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i really really like these brushes. i don't normally spend much money on brushes, but came across these when i was using some redeem points i have. I HIGHLY recommend them, to anyone who needs brushes, or wants to use their points. love them, high quality too!

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Love these brushes!

I needed a good set of versatile eye brushes and this one caught my eye originally because of the pencil brush (3rd from left in picture). But I actually find myself using the large shader and the blending brush (1 and 2 from left) more than any others. Bristles are beautiful and soft, easy to clean, and I've had the brushes for more than a month now with no shedding (also, I think they're Taklon).The things I love most are the handles--they're a little heavier, a little more solid, which I actually like. I will say that I rarely use the small shader, but you might be able to chalk that up to personal preference.

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