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For full-foot exfoliation, follow up with a scrub using Clarisonic Buffing Brush Head.


Birchbox Breakdown

We touch up our lip color after every meal, and our hair whenever we happen to stroll by a mirror (hey, if we see a strand out of place, we might as well fix it). So why should our feet have to wait the weeks (or, okay, months) between pedicures to get some attention? This disc, as part of the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation system, smooths feet’s roughest spots in a single minute—meaning even we can find the time to show those dry heels a little love.

How it Works

This stainless steel disc oscillates more than 300 times a second on the Pedi Device, giving it lots of exfoliating power. Its subtle texture lets it slough off deposits of dry skin without damaging the fresh skin beneath.

How to Use

Attach the disc to the Clarisonic Pedi Device, and massage dry feet for one minute, focusing on dry or rough spots.

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