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Give your face the same good vibrations with the Clarisonic Mia2 Cleansing Brush.


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After a while, winter feels like an endless rotation of boots, booties, and the occasional sneaker, a drag for ladies who love shoes the way we do. Needless to say, we’re thrilled when sandal season arrives—but a quick peek at our feet tells us they aren’t even prepared for peep-toes, much less flip-flops. Luckily, this system from Clarisonic will shape up feet in no time: It exfoliates from heel to toe while softening skin to prevent future rough patches, supplementing (or even replacing) professional pedicures. What’s that about a beach trip? We’re ready to stick our toes in the sand.

How it Works

The Pedi Device oscillates at more than 300 times a second, with the Pedi Smoothing Disc helping to soften up the tough skin of the foot or the Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head exfoliating tired or damaged skin (depending on which you currently have attached). The Pedi-Buff formula works with the buffing brush to ease exfoliation and smooth feet, the Pedi-Boost peel delivers an extra-strong dose of skin-sloughing power, and the non-greasy Pedi-Balm soothes and moisturizes skin (plus protects it against future damage).

How to Use

Each day, apply a quarter-sized amount of Pedi-Buff Sonic Foot Smoothing Treatment to the bottom of feet, then massage with the Pedi Device with Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head for two minutes (focusing on spots where skin is especially tough). Follow by gently massaging in a good dollop of Pedi-Balm Sonic Foot Softening Treatment. Twice weekly, use the Pedi Device with Pedi Smoothing Disc on rough areas for a minute, then do your daily buff. Rub a nickel-sized amount of Pedi-Boost Sonic Foot Renewing Peel Treatment into each foot, and then top it off with the Pedi-Balm three to five minutes later.

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Clarisonic Foot Transformation

It has really been a transformation! My painful callouses on my heels are forefoot are no longer painful after 3 days of use. My husband has remarked on how soft my feet are. Well worth it for pain relief and beautiful, soft feet without having to go get a pedicure!

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The best at-home pedi

This is actually something that is worth the high price tag. It *works* and will pay for itself by replacing any regular trips to the salon for a pedicure.

My favorites from the set are the Pedi-Boost Peel and the smoothing disc. The peel really helps to penetrate and soften and absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky or greasy residue like I thought it might. The smoothing disc tickles a bit to use but really works to get rid of calluses and roughness without the dangers involved with other shavers and files.

The whole process is enjoyable and effective. Highly recommend! Use your birchbox points or offer codes to save on the price but it's definitely worth the investment.

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HOLY GRAIL! Thanks Birchbox!

Where has this been all my life?? I grew up in the South, and since moving to the Northeast ~7 years ago, I have had the worst callouses. Pedicures, files, gels, etc were not enough to help manage and maintain smooth heels consistently and easily.

But the Pedi really works amazingly!! It's so easy and fast! Thank you so much, Birchbox, for introducing me to this :) It is so life changing!

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