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Run Spornette’s Large Rectangular Paddle Brush through hair to tame and detangle when needed.

Spornette International

Birchbox Breakdown

We can’t get enough of the pixie cut trend, but there’s something about long hair that’s just so versatile—and this wide barrel brush helps us make the most of our lengthy locks. With the flick of wrist, you can straighten strands or set big, bouncy curls, all while keeping hair smooth.

How it Works

The boar bristles get a strong hold on hair for precise styling and work to distribute natural oils throughout the hair shaft. The 2 ½-in. barrel works well on longer hair lengths, and the wooden handle is easy to wield.

How to Use

Use daily when blow drying hair, whether you want to go sleek and straight or are looking to acheive voluminous curls.

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