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Add major volume and body to your updo with Spornette’s Big Wonder.

Spornette International

Birchbox Breakdown

We remember one thing from our afternoons spent watching Bill Nye the Science Guy: negatives and positives attract. So what does that have to do with hair? The negatively-charged ions in this innovative brush counteract hair’s natural positive charge, instantly eliminating static and smoothing strands (goodbye flyaways!). Now that’s what we call a scientific breakthrough.

How it Works

Ion-charged bristles smooth strands and flatten the cuticle while a unique vented design allows air to pass through hair for faster drying time. The tangle-free handle means your hair doesn’t get stuck in the neck of the brush.

How to Use

Gently brush from root to tip for soft and healthy strands. To use while drying hair, aim the hair dryer toward the tips of your hair for straight, sleek results.

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