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Keep your bag free of tangled wires with Triple C Designs smartBUDZ 2.

Triple C Designs

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  • 3" H x 1.75" W x 0.5" L   
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Birchbox Breakdown

It’s difficult not to take that red 10 percent battery indicator pretty hard—especially since it always seems to come at the worst times: Say, mid-phone fight with your soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, or during a phone interview for your dream job. Consider a world in which that never has to happen again. This sleek, pocket-sized backup power source has enough juice to recharge your phone and extend the life of your iPad, iPod, or digital camera. You’ll never miss a text again.

How it Works

Compatible with most smartphones, iPods, iPads, and digital cameras, this lightweight, highly portable gadget has enough battery power to charge your phone up to a whopping 40 percent. Even better, it comes in a variety of lust-worthy patterns.

How to Use

Charge this baby up by connecting the included USB cord with either a power adaptor or computer. Next, stow it in your bag, car, or desk drawer and use whenever necessity calls.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Don't waste your money.

This was way over priced and to top it off, it doesn't charge the advertised forty percent but, only about ten to fifteen percent when it's fully charged.

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Great boost

This power source works great, and is small and easy to keep in a purse or bag. It charges up quickly, and can give my phone an extra 40%. I purchased it to have for traveling abroad, and being able to give my phone extra battery on the plane. I would definitely recommend this for someone on the go, to have handy in case an outlet is not available!

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Does its Job!

I purchased this, along with a matching case, for my daughter and her iPhone. I thought it would be great to stick in her purse or book bag to have just in case her much used phone dies. It works great, and lasts surprising longer than I thought it would. Not to mention the designs are adorable. I'm thinking about getting one for myself, as well.

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Pretty little charger

I bought several of these as gifts because most women can use a portable charger and these are cute! I've used mine several times but it isn't powerful enough to get a full charge which is a little disappointing. It charges my iPhone about 35-40 % What I do like about it is that the charger itself stays charged for a long time. My last portable charger lost it's juice after 3 days if you didn't use it. Not the case with this one!

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In love!

This charger is absolutely amazing! My phone dies pretty easily so I wanted something small to keep with me, just in case, & this product is brilliant! It's small enough to carry in a wallet/clutch & it's crazy powerful! It charges your phone very quickly & for my phone, charged a little more than 30% in about 20-30 mins.

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