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Triple C Designs Origami iPad 2 Case - Kiwi Triple C Designs Origami iPad 2 Case - Marrakech

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Triple C Designs

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Birchbox Breakdown

Like Triple C’s Origami Smart Case for the original iPad, this case for your next generation tablet taps into the ancient Japanese art of origami. It folds into six different configurations, meaning you get six different ways to type on, read, or view your iPad 2 screen, including our favorite, the vertical prop. Pretty ingenious, right?

How it Works

The silicone cover features built-in folds, configurable into six different handy positions. Bonus: The case protects both the front and back of your iPad 2. Double bonus: Its magnetic feature toggles the iPad on or off when you open or close it, crucial for preserving battery life.

How to Use

Snap onto your iPad 2 and follow the handy instructions to set up your configuration of choice.

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