10 Key Grooming Takeaways from the Latest Game of Thrones Trailer

If you didn’t already know, we’re pretty pumped for the return Game of Thrones. And with Season 4 less than a month away, the latest trailer delivered more than its share of blood, intrigue, and wild abandon—and that was just the facial hair. Here’s a look at some defining moments from the latest sneak peek.

0:04 - The wet, “piecey” hairdo is a serious hit in Westeros, and no one pulls it off better than Tyrion.

0:13 - Tywin continues to have impeccable designer stubble, in a time and place when electric razors are presumably not available. This has got to be some servant-driven scissor work?

0:22 - A chin strap is typically a poor decision. Except for when it isn’t. If you’re wondering who this guy is, his name is Oberyn Martell, and he’s here to squash some beef (with a giant spear, no less).

0:28 - Jon Snow has finally “met a girl he like[s] better than his own hair,” but he's still spending a significant amount of time tending to his coiffure.

0:38 - While it’s slowly starting to gray, Petyr’s Van Dyke is still up there with Vince Gilligan’s.

1:01 - You don’t need to wash your hair every day. But maybe do it more often than this fellow. Even a guy named Tormund Giantsbane has to have standards.

Photo: HBO

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