3 Tips for Transitioning from your Office Job to Date Night

Pivoting from cubicle to cocktail bar isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips to help you go from professional to PM-ready in a flash.

Clear Your Head

Make sure you have a desk drawer stocked with supplies to help you make a speedy transition. A teeth brushing (or a mint) and a cologne spritzing will help you hit the mental (and olfactory) reset button and put an overflowing inbox out of mind. You should always give yourself a nice time cushion, but if you’re in a hurry following an impromptu meeting with your boss, our emergency 30-second water-free shower guide can help.

Sport Versatile Threads

Finding that middle ground between casual enough for work and fancy enough for a drinks date is tricky. We say keep it simple: Go for the darkest jeans you own, a low profile brown or black belt, and a classic shirt. The best collar to bridge the rat race and red carpet divide? White. A white button down splits the difference.

Hit the Gym

If your evening engagement requires something more formal than a sport coat (say, tails?), save the quick change for the locker room. To avoid toting a garment bag to the office—and going home between work and a big night—use the locker at your gym. Even if you don’t have a monthly rental, it’s one way to make the most out of a day pass.

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