4 Beers that are Good for your Skin

Drinking to one’s health always had a tinge of the tongue-in-cheek to it, but lots of recent studies are actually extolling the virtues of the occasional tipple. While you probably already know that red wine contains resveratrol to help eliminate toxins in the body, some serious antioxidant properties have also been found in lagers and ales. Research has shown that nutrient-packed brewer’s yeast can wipe out bacteria and slow sebum production, and hops, it turns out, do more than just give your IPA a boost in bitterness. Added to beer in 19th century by the British to preserve it for long sea voyages, hops can actually improve skin with their high silicon content. We’ll toast to that. Here are some of the hoppiest (and tastiest) beers for your mug.

1. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

This American-style IPA is full and crisp with a heady dose of citrusy hops.

2. Stone Ruination IPA

This IPA’s name comes from its extreme hoppy bitterness, which clocks in at 100-plus IBUs (International Bittering Units).

3. Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

With its bold blend of British malt and hops, a bottle or two of Brooklyn Brewery’s deep golden brew will help smooth skin while taking the edge off.

4. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Delaware-based Dogfish Head added rosemary and tea tree oils to their delicious ales to make a bar of soap.

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