4 Tips for Conquering Hat Hair

Keeping your noggin warm during winter can be a real head scratcher. Though beanies, caps, and trapper hats protect us from the elements, they don’t prevent our coifs from looking like Encino Man’s after he was thawed from the ice. But you don’t have to choose between terrible hat hair or a frozen skull. We got Kristan Serafino, a hairstylist who’s done ‘do diligence for Matthew McConaughey and GQ fashion spreads, to advise us on avoiding the static, flatness, and general disarray that results from winter headwear.

Condition for the Cold

“When hair is too dry, it attracts electrical charges that cause strands to repel each other,” explains Serafino—resulting in static. Unless you’re going for Einstein’s shock locks, Serafino recommends conditioning hair regularly to combat the parching effects of sub-zero temps and indoor heaters. Try an intensive hydrator like PETER THOMAS ROTH’s Mega-Rich Conditioner, which uses B vitamins to strengthen strands and seal moisture into cuticles.

Be a Well-Oiled Machine

“Men like my husband blow-dry their hair in the winter to avoid going out with a wet head. But they need some type of moisture to protect hair—otherwise, it becomes dull,” says Serafino, who suggests using a heat protectant like argan oil. Kahina’s pure organic oil from Morocco can be used as a hair serum to give strands an ultra-hydrating boost and some healthy shine. “And men who don’t have time to blow-dry their hair can opt for leave-in conditioner,” adds Serafino. “You can put it in your gym bag and apply it after a post-workout shower, then just towel- or air-dry your hair. It’s all about keeping moisture.”

Transform Flat Into Flattering

To treat a deflated ‘do, she recommends using products that can withstand the pressure of a hat but still allow hair to be restyled after doffing it. “Creams, waxes, pomades, and pastes are flexible products,” Serafino says. “They allow you to put your hat on and still manipulate your hair using the heat from your palms once you take it off.” A perfect example of a strong hold that stays moldable for restyling: TOWELDRY's paste styler, made from organic beeswax.

Don a Hair-Friendly Hat

We don’t recommend wearing a bear on your head like Redford in Jeremiah Johnson but there’s plenty of headgear that can help ease winter hat hair woes. Serafino points to flexibility as a plus: “Avoid baseball caps because they’re stiff and will crease hair, unlike knitted caps or polar fleece,” Serafino explains. “There’s some give in the fabric of these hats.”

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