4 Ways to Rock a Ball Cap

Okay, so it’s been a while since you’ve donned a baseball cap. After the trucker hat fiasco of the early 2000’s, we certainly understand. That said, the ball cap is a versatile piece of headgear, and with a pedigree dating to the late 19th century, it’s decidedly here to stay. If you’re unsure about reintroducing one to your wardrobe, here are four classic styles to prove that you can pull it off.

With a Long-Sleeve Tee

For years, frathouse natives have cornered this look, but it's high time the common man took it back. To avoid coming off as a college freshman, remember to keep things simple: Choose a hat with a simple logo (no neon borders), and pair it with a simple, muted shirt. If you don’t feel like rocking an urban vibe, casually fold the brim. (Paragons: Tom Brady, Glenn Rhee)

With a Short-Sleeve Button-Down

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to own a skateboard to pull off the West Coast look. All that’s required is a bit of chutzpah, and a short-sleeve shirt with character. Keep the brim of the cap straight (or slightly bent), and find a shirt with a quirky pattern—the louder the better. You’d be surprised at how easily the look comes together. (Paragons: Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator)

With a Sharp Leather Jacket

Much like in hip-hop, no West Coast style is truly complete without an East Coast counterpart. If you prefer a look with a little more polish, don a crisp white shirt and a leather jacket, and top it all off with an understated ball cap. Textured fabrics and navy blues work especially well in this context—see the Knottery Mr. Cap for inspiration. (Paragons: Ryan Gosling, Kid Cudi)

With a Blazer

This one is a bit more complicated—and a bit riskier—but a successful ensemble can change the way you accessorize. The trick is in the choice of cap: Your hat should complement the outfit, not dominate it, so choose a classic, versatile color like gray or blue. A sartorial fabric like wool or felt can help tie the look together. (Paragons: Chris Pine, These, Three, Guys)

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