5 Cult Grooming Brands

Along with quality products, it takes a fervent, devoted following to give a brand cult status. These clued-in customers know all too well about the perfect formulations, the peerless scents, or the way the textures keeps your hair just so. And once you discover these brands, you’ll understand why their followers are inclined to keep mum—grooming secrets are serious business. Luckily, we’re good at sharing. Here are five cult lines you’ll want to seek out right now (and perhaps keep to yourself).

Molton Brown

The London-based company started out as a hair salon in 1973 and immediately became known for the all-natural formulas that they hand-mixed in their upstairs kitchen. Nowadays all the products are made at a factory in Herefordshire, including the black pepper body wash that’s won many—male and female—customers over with its energizing scent.


Since the 1970s, Marvis has attracted fans with its regal packaging design and extra dense paste, which is made from a traditional compacting process. The Florence-based company continues to set itself apart with uncommon flavors like ginger mint and Amarelli licorice.

Le Labo

At each of Le Labo’s lab-boutiques, attendants mix fragrances from scratch to get the utmost potency. The 20 original scents includes the much-loved Santal 33, which uses smoky Australian sandalwood to recall the original Marlboro Man.

Ursa Major

This Vermont-based company launched three years ago with a tightly edited lineup of products, each packed with natural ingredients like cedar, spearmint, and lavender. It’s since been endorsed by GQ and Esquire, the latter of which declared its rich, non-foaming Stellar Shave Cream a “Best Shave Cream” last year.

C.O. Bigelow

In its 175 years, C.O. Bigelow has always been a family business, with ownership passing directly from generation to generation. And that close-knit feeling permeates the entire brand, from their two flagship apothecaries to their arsenal of all-natural products. One of their gateway products is the aptly named My Favorite Lip Balm, a matte formula infused with mint and shea butter.

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