5 Timeless Designs for Every Guy’s Dream Home

Ikea is cool for dorm rooms and crash pads, but when you start tricking out your grown-up digs, you’ll want to invest in functional objets d'art. We asked Areaware founder and design geek Noel Wiggins for his own wish list of design objects for a man’s dream home. These aesthetic upgrades might not be the most attainable, but they sure do offer some good inspiration for home décor.

Dieter Rams, Braun FS 80 TV, 1964


Braun t52 Radio, 1961


Eero Saarinen, Tulip Armchair, 1955

chair 2

Patrick Jouin, C2 Solid Chair, 2004


Moto Guzzi 850 Lemans, 1976

(Not for the home, but a worthy addition to the garage)

For faster, cheaper, and more attainable aesthetic and function improvements to your abode, check out our list of six easy upgrades.

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