5 Tips for Conquering Jet Lag

Remedies for jet lag range from the physical (drinking enough water) to the psychological (resetting your watch before you fly) to all-out macho mind warfare (Grrr! I crush you, jet lag! You don’t exist!). Every flier has his or her own way of handling it. The proper strategy can mean the difference between recovering fully on day three, and recovering just before your flight home—after which, yet again, you will be jet lagged. Here are a handful of measures that experts agree will lessen the severity of your symptoms.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration shouldn’t depend on whether you have the window or aisle seat. A good rule is to just drink more water than you usually do, and go easy on the coffee (and the scotch).

Schedule Right

Jet lag is caused by having too much melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep, still flooding the body during the daytime. When scheduling flights, try to arrive in the morning (or early afternoon), and sleep as much as possible on the plane. This way your melatonin levels will be closer to normal when you land.

Go to Darkness

This is an excuse to exit the plane like a rock star. Wearing sunglasses will prevent the retina from sending a panic signal that releases cortisol, a body-rattling stress hormone (especially bad if you arrive at night but your internal clock is wide awake). You may be itching to go explore, but you’re better off going to sleep to align yourself with local time.

Actively Seek the Light

Come morning, drink that coffee outside. If your internal clock is stuck at 2am, it’s crucial to spend time in the sunlight.

Restart Your Routine

While this can’t help your system recalibrate, it can help your psyche wake up. Try a calming, realigning routine like washing your face, shaving, and having your morning cup of joe. When local time calls for wakefulness, apply a moisturizer designed to energize like Arcona’s Consistency, which contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a natural protein that stimulates cellular renewal. If you have extra time during a layover, you can do a complete complexion reset with a 20-minute facial mask. Clark's Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask contains Japanese green tea for an extra kick. Result: no more jet-lag face.

Darren Reidy

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