6 Awesome Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Sure, you know you’re supposed to drink plenty of water. But principle alone probably can’t incentivize you to glug down the recommended 3 liters per day. Might we suggest reviewing water’s litany of life-sustaining benefits? Here are six more reasons why a sturdy water bottle should be a permanent fixture on your desk, dinner table, and nightstand.


Water improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates tissue, and flushes out impurities. Translation: It keeps you looking younger. (We have a suspicion that it’s Pharrell’s secret?)


According to Dr. Lance Zimney, a neurologically-based chiropractor in Colorado, water is crucial to a healthy, functioning brain (which is about 78 percent water). “Dehydration can have tremendous effect on the brain,” says Dr. Zimney. If you often get headaches, feel lightheaded, or are unable to concentrate at times, H2O can help.


It’s one of the largest organs you have—and it needs plenty of water to function properly. “The liver’s key role is detoxifying the body,” Dr. Zimney said. “Flushing the system with the appropriate amount of water helps rid those toxins.”


Water prevents muscle fatigue and cramping—especially after a tough workout. It also helps create glycogen, an energy source stored in your muscles. “It can’t be created without water in your body,” says Webb Travis, a fitness instructor and personal trainer at Equinox.


It’s also important for all bone-on-bone joints. According to Dr. Zimney, the soft cartilage found in each joint is dependent on proper hydration. “Dehydration can lead to increased friction in the joints, which eventually causes arthritis.”

Body Weight

Studies have shown that drinking water helps control your appetite. So a steady flow of hydration means fewer visits to the vending machine. However, more water does increase trips to the restroom, but we don't mind the extra exercise.

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