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6 Low-Maintenance, Impossible-to-Kill Plants to Make your Home More Handsome

If you want to bring a space to life, just add a plant. If you want to keep the plant alive, well, good luck to you, sir. Plants can’t talk, and signs of distress are easily missed until it’s too late. To spare your ego (and your green friend’s life) while sprucing up your homestead, we recommend choosing something that’s super easy to care for. Whether you’re tending to small indoor greens or cultivating your rooftop patio, here are a few nearly-indestructible options that even a toddler could keep alive.



Thick-skinned, fleshy succulents (pictured) are some of the easiest indoor plants to grow. Their leaves encourage touching—or in the case of cacti, a closer visual inspection. One of the easiest to sustain is aloe vera. When parked in sunlight, a potted aloe needs little water or attention. It sports thick, plump, spiny leaves that are filled with burn-soothing sap. Harvest the gel by pruning off one of the outer leaves, just above the soil, as they are the oldest and most sap-rich. Cut away the thorns, then slice the leaf open. Succulents range from tiny to large, though aloe can be as big as 2-feet high and 1-foot wide.

Purple shamrock

These striking, triangular, deep purple leaves function as the backdrop for the pink or white flowers that seem to be blooming constantly. Not to be outdone, the variegated leaves fold up at night. Purple shamrock thrives in cool temperatures, bright light, and in an evenly moist pot. A mature plant reaches about 12-inches tall and wide.

Peace lily

Thick, glossy green leaves grow underneath a striking bloom, which starts white and fades to green. These plants tolerate low light environments and prefer warm days and cooler nights, so a drafty window might be perfect in summer. They reach about 6-feet high.


Sky pencil

This evergreen can reach up to 10-feet—a boon if you’re looking to create some privacy or frame a view. It’ll thrive in large containers with well-draining soil and can deal with full sun or partial shade. Best of all, it doesn't require any pruning to keep that narrow shape.

Blue fescue grass

Light, airy and dome-shaped, this ornamental grass reaches about a foot tall and wide. The green blades have a touch of purple on them and they’ll dance in the breeze, begging to be touched.


For large swaths of color, plant this vine in a container with a trellis behind it and watch it reach up to 6-feet wide and 15-feet high. The blooms come all summer with a mix of bright pink and gold, 2-inch long fragrant flowers.

—Sal Vaglica

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