6 Takeaways From Mad Men: A Day’s Work

It was a Valentines Day fraught with stalemates, but also some important catharsis.

1. Don's white t-shirt and bathrobe look doesn't make the cut for our list of the 6 best ways to wear a plain white tee, but, as always, we'll cut him some slack.

2. No surprise here, but the spinster/cat lady jokes directed at Peggy are getting out of hand. We're pretty sure she's going to end up on top, though (regardless of whether or not that means finding a man).

3. It's still fun to watch Pete embarrass himself. It will never not be fun.

4. Sally and Don's relationship finally seems functional again, if strained. After catching each other in lies and settling into a subtextual stalemate, now they're finally spilling to each other. Don admitting his "time off" to Sally betrays a rare moment of vulnerability, which confirms last season's family history trip to the old brothel wasn't just a fluke.

5. Even when Roger Sterling's life is falling apart, his hat is perfect.

6. The biggest loser last night? Undoubtedly it was Charles, Shirley's unseen boyfriend who sent an enormous bouquet of Valentines Day flowers that Peggy hastily assumed were meant for her.

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