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6 Tips for Nailing a Job Interview

Unless your last name happens to be Rockefeller or Zuckerberg, you’ll probably find yourself applying for a job sometime in the not-too-distant future. And while the right skills and work experience are a vital piece of the puzzle, the real make-or-break moment is the in-person interview. Though we can’t help you research the company or give away any secret handshakes, we can give you some tips for how to look and feel your best before (and during) the big meeting.

1. Dress Up

It doesn’t matter if you’re vying to intern at a traveling circus, people always want to see someone who respects the position enough to get dressed up. Short of a tuxedo, you really can’t overdress for an interview.

2. Clean Up

Here’s an easy rule for interview facial hair: full beard or nothing at all. Stubble has no place in an interview setting, so if you do choose to shave be sure to do it right. Razor burn doesn’t exactly scream “detail-oriented,” so use a rich shave cream like Taylor of Old Bond Street to help soothe your skin.

3. Go Fragrance-Free

There are plenty of moments in life when a nice cologne goes a long way, but an interview isn’t one of them. For all you know, your potential boss might have some strange hatred of cedar or citrus. Don’t risk it.

4. Shine the Right Way

The only glowing things should be your resume and references, not your forehead. To keep shine under control, use a cleansing wipe just before you head into the office, or speedily in between meeting with HR and your potential manager. We love Ursa Major’s Essential Face Wipes, which leave your skin feeling cool to boot.

5. Keep Calm and Go Slow

Of course you’re nervous. Everyone gets nervous. The key is to not let it affect you. Take some deep breaths beforehand and remember that everyone has a tendency to talk quickly when they get anxious. Whoever’s on the other side of the desk will appreciate your calm, thoughtful demeanor.

6. Always Follow Up

It’s up to you whether to go hand-written or digital, but the follow-up note is a no-brainer. Hopefully you’ll get a message that puts a smile on your face not long thereafter.

Photo: 20th Century Fox

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