6 Useful and Stylish Accessories Every Guy Should Have on his Bureau

Any guy can wear a well-tailored suit or learn to match the right shirt and tie, but it's the details that take your style to the next level—think vintage tie bar or a well-chosen pair of cufflinks. We have a few ideas for the small accessories every man should keep close at hand, versatile and useful pieces that can serve as that perfect extra something.

Tie bar

We've been longtime fans of the recent casual tie renaissance, and a tie bar is just the thing to separate the men from the boys. Worn properly, it adds old-school panache, and it’s generally a better alternative than the over-the-shoulder toss to keep your neckwear out of your meal. A sharply minimalist design—say, this silver and onyx clasp from The Tie Bar is a versatile choice.


Our suggestion: Avoid anything too loud or jokey (that means no golf balls, sports teams, food, dogs, dogs playing poker) and go for something simple and elegant, like these recycled 7mm Remington Magnum rifle cartridges. They're thin and lightweight, made from nickel bullets, have no powder, and are polished to a beautiful shine. They also don't scream for attention, making for the perfect finishing touch on a groom or his groomsmen.

Collar stays

Completely invisible—except when they’re conspicuously absent—collar stays are one of the most overlooked parts of a man's wardrobe. But they are crucial for keeping your collars sharp. Forget the cheap plastic ones you get from your drycleaner and upgrade to a sleek metal pair like these titanium stays from Exuvius, which conveniently also work as screwdrivers, bottle openers, and thread cutters.


You might be in the habit of shoving your feet into your dress shoes, but we'd like to make a case for the timeless shoehorn. A flimsy plastic one bearing the name of a cheap motel will snap under pressure, but something sturdier will last you a lifetime and look better with age. We’re so convinced of its necessity that we decided to make our own.

Money clip

As recent studies have shown (and anecdotal evidence here at Birchbox Man proves) there are serious health issues that come with lugging a chunky wallet around. A sleek money clip or a slim card holder can provide a sharp alternative, and a chance to streamline your life. This stainless-steel option from Jack Spade is just right for keeping all your essentials in place.

Folding tray

A small folding tray is the ideal way to keep all your wares in one place. This one from Ghurka, lined with a classic check pattern, is like a luxurious chestnut leather hammock for your keys and cash.

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