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7 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Self-indulgence begins with a home bathroom makeover. We’ve rounded up 7 products and practices to transform a utilitarian loo into a sumptuous spa—or at least a significantly more relaxing place to get your pamper on. In the words of Parks and Recreation’s Tom Haverford: Treat yourself.

1. Set the Mood

We’re not too manly to admit that we love a good candle—not least because the dim, flickering light lets you forget (for a tantalizing moment) that you live in a 400 square-foot apartment. Atelier Cologne’s elegantly scented candles have the added bonus of masking any odors from, say, your dirty socks.

2. Pimp Your Tub

Transform your bathtub into a relaxation machine with a few simple additions—a headrest, a massaging bathmat, and a caddy to hold your whisky snifter.

3. Just Add Flora

A simple potted plant or two can change the whole mood of a bathroom. Look for something that’s OK with moisture and low light, like an orchid or a begonia.

4. Play Some Tunes

When it comes to your bathroom, wireless speakers work best. Triple C Designs makes a couple of excellent portable models that hook up to your MP3 player—so you don’t have to worry about tripping over a cord.

5. Take a Soak

Before they were a designer drug, bath salts were something you put in your tub when you wanted to relax. We much prefer the original meaning: Try Borghese’s Bagno di Vita Body Soak, which uses natural salts and aromatic botanicals to ease stress and muscle tension.

6. Invest in Body Lotion

A good body lotion does more than just soften your skin. Mt. Sapola Body Lotion is one part moisturizing salve, one part aromatherapy. The blend of soothing essential oils is an instant mood-booster, and the long-lasting scent will leave you smelling like you’re fresh from the spa—even hours later.

7. Give Your Muscles a Rub

Massages are awesome and not just because they feel good. They can alleviate pain and soreness, boost immunity, reduce stress, and even lower your blood pressure. Our favorite salve? Lucky Tiger Head to Tail Muscle Rub will soothe your aches and pains—whether you just bench-pressed your personal best or you had a tough day at work.

Want to start tricking out your own home spa? Sign up for Birchbox Man.

—Matt Wolfe

Photo: Underwood/Corbis

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