A Guy’s Guide to Choosing the Right Showerhead

The shower is a sacred place for most guys. Free of e-mails and status updates, it’s where we clear our heads, get cleaned up, and perhaps belt out a tune or two. Which is why treating yourself to a quality showerhead is a no-brainer. Like a nice mattress or a well-made pair of shoes, it’ll pay back in dividends. Here’s our guide to finding the right showerhead for you.


For the Guy Who Only Wants The Best: Speakman Anystream ($191)

Sure, the (nearly) $200 price tag is a little off-putting, but it’s no accident that Speakman showerheads are found in five-star hotels around the world. The company has been around since 1869, and their commitment to quality is obvious from the first time you turn on the showerhead’s eight powerful jets.


For the Guy Cursed With Low Water Pressure: Alsons Incredible Head ($36)

Poor water pressure can ruin a morning otherwise full of potential and promise. While this plain-looking showerhead won’t earn you many style points, it does an amazing job of compensating for low-pressure scenarios.


For the “More is More” Guy: Pegasus Dual Showerhead ($105)

Two heads are better than one, right? This dual model features twin four-inch heads that can both be adjusted for unrivaled coverage.


For the Party Animal: Magic LED Showerhead ($50)

If you love the mood lighting of your favorite late night haunt, we’ll we’ve got the showerhead. With the touch of a button, 15 LED lights change colors continuously and transform your bathroom into a groovy oasis. Velvet rope not included.

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