A Soothing Solution to the Pain of Shaving and Waxing

Our editor discovers a next-generation treatment for painful hair removal.

Every guy builds a hair removal routine that jives with his individual preferences. Because I’m sure you’re dying to know, this is mine: clippers on the face, razor on the neck and shoulders, and some occasional wax on the ole back (I like to leave my chest hair to do its own thick and brambly devices).

When it comes to shaving and waxing, I’ve got a practiced hand and the best products at my disposal. But I still get redness and irritation occasionally. Hair removal is physically traumatic, plain and simple. No matter how expertly you wield the razor, tweezers, and wax, there’s no way to evade the occasional ingrown hair, bump, or burn.

Slathering on an aftershave that cools and soothes is the simplest option. But alongside the hydrating moisturizer, I’ve recently added a new tool to my hair eradication kit: liquid aspirin, granting instant topical relief. The best delivery method I’ve found is this unique rollerball applicator from MiN New York. It also thwarts infection (because razors are bacteria hotbeds) by delivering a targeted germicide to freshly shorn skin.

The rollerball works head-to-toe (yes, even unruly Hobbit feet are fair game if you want to go there). This versatility, combined with the instant pain relief, means the excuse “it’ll hurt too much” is no longer a reason to postpone the removal of unwanted hair. So, go ahead and live out your own personal grooming fantasy—pluck, shave, wax, whatever—with a less painful consequence.

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