A True Birchbox Man: Shawn “Doc” Boyd

As a Birchbox Man subscriber and long-time influencer, Doc Boyd is no stranger to the vagaries of style. In his hometown of sunny Honolulu, HI, Boyd works as a digital strategist and TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog) contributor by day, while cutting loose as a DJ and lifestyler blogger by night. Here's a quick look at the life and times of this modern-day Renaissance man.

BB Man: How would you describe your style?

Doc: A strange mashup of “Geek Chic" street style and "Savile Row" sartorialism, while accommodating for the topical climate of paradise.

BB Man: Who would you say is your style icon?

Doc: Long before the song came out I would have said Tom Ford, with a splash of Sean Carter and hint of Baron Davis. You can imagine how my mind was blown when Jay-Z dropped his homage to Mr. Ford.

Also, much respect to Dhani Jones, Jackie Gleason, Karl Lagerfeld, Robert Tagliapietra, and Jeffrey Costello; gentlemen who figured how to look good with a little paunch. I think it’s important for my fellow big men to find style icons that match our stature.

BB Man: How do you get your wardrobe ready for spring?

Doc: I get to experience spring all year round, so I guess I’m lucky there. To delineate the seasonal change, I go for small adjustments that make a huge difference: like pops of color or abstract patterns.

BB Man: What’s one way you mix and match in your grooming or style routine?

Doc: Hey, real men mix patterns! I love to challenge any traditional so-called "faux pas." It is absolutely okay to mix your patterns, as long as you adjust your scales and keep your color schemes simple (two colors max). When I have to stay conservative, I’ll go bold with my socks, tie, or pocket square. What can I say, I’m a rebel.

BB Man: What’s your go-to breakfast food?

Doc:I love to start the day with a “Green Drink” smoothie. I try to work in fresh produce like fruit and vegetables, and back it all up with some fresh greek yogurt. I'm a big fan of Purium natural products too.

BB Man: What do you do for a living, and how does that influence your grooming routine?

Doc: As a blogger and digital strategist, I only get to show off my style for meetings or conferences, so I'm lucky that my gigs as a DJ/Emcee allow me to go all-out in terms of fashion. I do try to incorporate a hint of nerd when dressing up, to let my geek flag fly proudly. Maybe thats why I started a men’s lifestyle blog last year.

BB Man: How do you spend your spare time?

Doc: I enjoy tea, saké, whisky, and cooking. I am all about lifelong learning and any form of personal development. The University of YouTube is an amazing place once you get past the rude commenters and cat fart videos.

BB Man: Favorite thing you’re received in your Birchbox?

Doc: Strangely enough, the boxes! I love up-cycling my boxes to neatly store all sorts of things. If I had to pick one product I would say my Jack Robie Solid Pocket Square, with Richer Poorer socks as a close second.

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