A True Birchbox Man: Syed Kashif Ali

We came across Syed Kashif Ali via Twitter, as he is a frequent re-tweeter of our tips, interviews, and roundups. The 27-year-old digital marketer emphasizes making solid first impressions with his style choices, also taking San Francisco’s temperamental weather patterns into mind. Syed fits the tenets of a true Birchbox Man: He’s got versatile style (as influenced by a modern music icon), and is an advocate for the BB Man products he has received and loved.

BB Man: How would you describe your style?

Syed: I’ve always gravitated towards preppy and urban. Although it’s a relaxed environment at work, I typically come in wearing a dress shirt, fitted pants and loafers. I’ll look for something that helps the dress shirt pop out, like unique buttons, an interesting pocket, military straps, or a pattern on the sleeves. From there, I’ll accessorize with a watch and a bracelet.

BB Man: Who is your style icon?

Syed: Pharrell Williams. I admire his versatility. He can go to an awards show wearing a three-piece suit, but can appear in a music video wearing a graphic tee, jeans, and Nikes. He always looks comfortable with his choices.

BB Man: San Francisco is known for its mild but temperamental weather. How does this affect your dressing routine?

Syed: The key is to layer up with light clothing and accessories that you can easily take off, without them becoming a burden to carry around. So, I tend to go with some combination of a light cardigan, scarf, and jacket with a warm inner lining.

BB Man: How does your job affect your grooming routine?

Syed: Even though I’m behind the scenes of everything that my company is doing online, I’m a big believer in making a big first impression. I get the opportunity to meet a lot of great people and sometimes am pulled into impromptu meetings with bigwigs. So, it’s important for me to not only be on my toes at all times, but to also look professional.

BB Man: What is your favorite thing that you have received in your Birchbox?

Syed: It’s a tie between two different items—the Quirky Upwrite and the PLANT Face Oil.

The Upwrite is a great tool to prop up my iPhone or iPad while I’m browsing through social media or reading the news, and I love the PLANT Face Oil (I use the “A” oil) because it nicely fights both acne and dry skin. I’ve tried a lot of different lotions that claimed to be meant for people with dry skin, but they usually left mine really oily, or even drier than before. This was the first oil I’ve tried, and although I was skeptical at first, it’s probably the best product I’ve used for my face.

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