A Visit to the Molton Brown Factory

Ever wonder how some of your favorite grooming products are made? Birchbox was invited to tour Molton Brown’s Green Street factory—just outside London—where 90% of their products are designed, developed, and manufactured. Check it out.

tour1 1. Enormous tanks are used to mix the shower gels (they take six hours to mix) and lotions (12 to 14 hours), before they’re decanted into 1-ton containers and taken to one of six production lines on the factory floor.

tour2 2. Squeezable tubes are perfectly cylindrical when they arrive at the production line, before they’re filled from the (eventually pointy) end and then clamped shut.

tour3 3. At every stage of the production process, samples are checked against strict quality control standards. They’re all tested in part of the factory before being archived. The brand is environmentally conscious, too; 94% of all waste from Green Street is sent off to be recycled.

tour4 4. The company’s colognes and fragrances are designed and developed in the UK, but not mixed at Green Street. Once manufactured, though, they come back to where they were designed, to ensure they meet strict quality control standards before being shipped out to stores all around the world.prod

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