A Visual Guide to Mastering Man Bracelets

With the advent of warmer weather, short sleeves offer prime real estate for a grown-up bracelet—or three. The right combination of pieces can add a nice finishing touch, but overkill should be avoided at all costs, lest you end up looking like a wayward pirate or gypsy. Here we offer up a few easy tips on how to plan the perfect “arm party.”

Stack It To ‘Em

Stack It To 'Em

Photo: Just Listen and Love/Tumblr

As with actual parties, it's all about the mix. Stacking bracelets can be a great way to combine different colors, materials, and textures to showcase your own individual style. Harry Styles is a pro at the artfully-curated jumble, pulling together bands, beads, skulls, and strings in a variety of hues for a look that is eclectic yet still coherent.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Photo: Coolspotters

Still, consistency is key. Sometimes a hodgepodge hits the spot, but other guys know their look and stick to it. David Beckham, for one, favors bead bracelets, often with small charms, enough that they have become a signature of sorts for him—a small achievement that’s worth considering.

Keep It Balanced

Keep It Balanced

Photo: Stephanie LaCava/INDUSTRIE MAGAZINE

Some men favor piling their bracelets and their watch onto the same wrist, but our vote is for a separation of powers. Designer Richard Chai does this perfectly, often countering his left-hand watch with an assortment of woven bracelets on his right.

Contain Your Statement Piece

Contain Your Statement Piece

Photo: Notoriety Inc.

Don't be afraid to make a statement, but keep it contained. Kanye West is not always known for his subtlety, but you won't see him overloading on the eye-popping bracelets. Balance one attention-getter with a number of quieter pieces, all the better to maintain focus where it belongs. If it's enough for Kanye's ego, surely it's enough for yours.

Main Photo: Reinaldo Irizarry/DETAILS

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