A Visual Guide to the Perfect Job Interview

Hundreds of hours and millions of words have been dedicated to the art of the interview. However, once you cut through the chatter, a flawless technique can be summed up in six simple mantras—or so say the minds at Fast Company.

In a recent Co.Design article, the innovation outlet published six simple charts that outline the perfect interview. You can read the full article here, but here are a few of our favorites:

Tip #2: Don't Try to Be Perfect

Interview 1

Your employer is hiring a human, and all humans have flaws. Don’t be afraid to talk about the qualities that define you—even the odd and quirky ones.

Tip #3: Show Some Emotion

Interview 2

No one wants to hire a person sans passion. When discussing something you care about, don’t be afraid to get animated.

Tip #5: Observe Everything

Interview 3

When walking through the office, pay attention to the atmosphere—do people seem happy? Friendly? Overworked? A simple gesture can speak volumes.

For the full roundup of interview know-how, head over to Co.Design.

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