Adventure Ready: Top Subscriber Tips

In September’s sneak peek, we asked Birchbox Man subscribers how they’re getting #adventureready this month. The travel tips we collected were so brilliant (and wacky), theat we had to share them. Here’s the best of your collective intel:

Have Your Dopp At Ready

I stay #adventureready by having a dopp kit prepared at all times. When I want to go, I grab it, throw some clothes in my suitcase (which is always prepped with phone charger and other easily overlooked essentials), and hit the road.
— Drew

Pack a Laundry Line

My most important travel tool is a portable laundry line. I’ve gotten very adept at setting it up in a wide variety of spaces.
— Richard

Make Your Luggage Stand Out

Checking your luggage, but it looks pretty ordinary? Tie a lanyard (mine is orange) around the handle so you can easily identify it when it rolls around.
— Miron

Buy a starter pistol (the ones that fire blank rounds, no ammo required) and say you need to declare a weapon in your check in luggage. They'll tag it and voila, no more lost luggage!
— Patrick

Have a Backup Plan

Since I travel Internationally, I always make two copies of my passport and itinerary and carry one on me and leave one at home. This way, if I lose my passport during the trip, I can use the copy to seek help from the Embassy or have the person at home call with the information.
— NZ5

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