American Hero Teddy “Goalsevelt” Has Set a New Standard for US Soccer Fans Everywhere

The first-round matches have mostly been nail-biters, but the contest for the greatest USA fan in Brazil is decidedly a landslide victory.

The winner? The man pictured above, affectionately dubbed by fans as Teddy "Goalsevelt". After his Jumbotron debut at Sunday's match against Portugal, this Team USA superfan was tracked down by Yahoo for an interview. As it happens, his real name is Mike D'Amico, and he donned his presidential garb with the hope of inspiring fans. Little did he know how much he would succeed.

For our part, we can't get enough of his Rough Rider hat, Pince-nez-inspired spectacles, and of course, his bushy red mustache.

If you're thinking about growing your own Goalsevelt 'stache, scope out our guide to mustache wax. For some manly motivation, you can't go wrong with some wisdom from Teddy himself.

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