An Easy Hack for Great Hair: The Shampoo Countdown

Want to increase the odds of having a good hair day? Give this technique a try.

If you have normal to oily hair, and you shampoo daily, odds are your hair gets pretty greasy if you skip a wash. That’s because your sebaceous glands are accustomed to working overtime. Let me explain.

Your sebaceous glands secrete an oil called “sebum” to protect and waterproof hair and skin. In general, the more you shampoo, the more sebum your scalp produces.

But if you start backing off your shampooing to every other day and eventually just a couple times a week—and use a shampoo that locks in moisture instead of drying you out—you’ll find that sebum goes from being your worst enemy to your best friend. Your scalp will naturally produce less. You’ll find your “second day hair” is a lot more appealing in its natural state—and a lot easier to style too. You’ll soon discover the wonders of third- and fourth -day hair!

Which brings us to the hack that can up your odds of having a good hair day. The concept is similar to finding your stubble sweet spot. Here’s how it works: Once you’ve done some experimenting to find out your hair’s optimal sebum buildup, just take that number and count backwards from the day you want your hair at its best. Got a wedding, a big presentation, or a date? Mark your calendar and do the shampoo countdown.

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