Truly Cavalier: Top Pick Andrew Wiggins Sports a Floral Suit at NBA Draft

With the suit to match the talent, it's clear that No. 1 NBA Draft pick Andrew Wiggins was ready for his close-up at last night's event. GQ foretold that NBA stars were the new trendsetters back in April, and Wiggins—decked out in a black floral suit—wasn't the only man who demonstrated that he was ready to compete with the Lebrons and Dwyanes both on and off the court.

Wiggins, a shooting guard and small forward from the University of Kansas, was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and his dapper suit proved that he'll be Cleveland's most cavalier resident. Sporting a custom black floral printed blazer with satin shawl lapel and wool pants, topped off with a bow tie and gold pendant, the look was sleek and sophisticated but still stood out. If you’re going to be the first overall draft pick, you’ve got to dress like it.

The man behind the look is tailor/designer Waraire Boswell, who has also styled the likes of Blake Griffin, Lebron James, and Ryan Gosling. Wiggins was not the only one with an elevated look last night: Check out honorable mentions Marcus Smart and Noah Vonleh. If this is what they wear on draft day, we can't wait to see the rest of their sartorial careers.

Video Still: ESPN

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