Announcing: Birchbox Man X SUITS

July is going to be an especially awesome month. Why, you ask? Because Birchbox Man has officially partnered with the hit USA series SUITS as it gears up for its season premiere on July 16. If you’re already a fan, we don’t need to explain why this collaboration is so momentous. If you haven’t seen it yet, trust us: You’re missing out. The show’s main characters, Harvey and Mike, work a high-powered New York law firm. Harvey has a law degree from Harvard. Mike, unbeknownst to everyone except Harvey, doesn’t have a law degree at all. The series is smart, stylish, and absolutely addictive. And the clothes? Second to none.

Our July Birchbox Man delivery will include grooming and lifestyle products inspired by the show and its (very) well-dressed characters. We’ll also be featuring SUITS-related content throughout the month and live-tweeting every episode of season three, so be sure to get caught up if you’re not already.

This is the beginning of something great…and really, really stylish.

Join Birchbox by June 30 (just $20/month), and your first shipment will be the exclusive SUITS box. But get a move on—quantities are limited.

Photo: USA

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